Oologah Community Coalition

The mission of the Oologah Community Coalition is to promote positive community values & decrease substance use among youth.

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Be a part of the Oologah Community Coalition by attending our monthly meetings. For more
information contact, Dawn Holland at: Dawn.h@volunteersforyouth.com
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Volunteers for Youth’s federally funded Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support Project, works to reduce substance abuse among our youth, with an emphasis on underage drinking, vaping, and prescription drug misuse. The 10-year project focus is to eliminate factors in the Oologah community that increase the risk, promote the elements that minimize substance abuse. The youth-serving programs offered by Volunteers for Youth are an ideal setting for putting these protective factors in place and our DFC goals are interwoven throughout each of our projects. We work within the Oologah Community Coalition, a local coalition, on this project. Coalition members represent twelve sectors of the community standing in solidarity with the DFC project as we combat substance abuse issues among youth.

Oologah Community Coalition

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