PAL Program

The PAL Program is a site-based mentoring program that matches a Rogers County public school student with a caring adult mentor. The mentor strives to be the student’s friend, role model, motivator, and personal advocate. The mentor’s purpose is to build self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth in the student while building a friendship. Mentors are good listeners, people who care and people who want to help young people discover their strengths.

Students are typically referred to the PAL Program by their teacher or school counselor. This can be for a variety reasons. A common reason is that the student is seen as someone who could benefit from having a caring adult friend at school.

Mentors meet with their student once a week for about an hour at school during the school day, generally during one of the student’s elective classes. Meeting away from school grounds is not allowed in the PAL Program.

Mentors are asked to commit to meeting with their student for one school year. Ideally, both the mentor and mentee decide to continue meeting the following school year and the match evolves into a long-term relationship.

Program participants are surveyed at the conclusion of each school year and there are always comments such as: “I wouldn’t trade my mentor for a million dollars. She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met.” Another student wrote, “My mentor is funny, fun to be around, and understands what I am talking about. He is one of my best friends.”

“My mentor is someone that I can talk to and someone I trust. He makes me feel special. He helps me get through things,” said a Sequoyah Elementary student. An Oologah student wrote, “My mentor has really changed my attitude. I used to hate coming to school, because I didn’t feel like anyone noticed me or liked me. Since I’ve started meeting with my mentor I have enjoyed coming to school and my grades have improved.

Email our PAL Director : Celina Davis

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Watch a video below about a PAL Program Mentor-Mentee match:

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