May 2022 Mentor Newsletter

The PAL+ Press: End of Year Information Training Tidbit: PACEs. We’ve provided information a few times regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the impact these experiences can have on the youth we serve. There is relatively new information that helps us understand positive as well as adverse experiences. PACEs (Positive and Compensatory Experiences) are positive experiences that can increase resilience and protect against risk for mental and physical illness. In the PACEs Heart Model above, supportive relationships and resources make up PACEs. The early research shows that children who have experienced ACEs can have those effects reduced by positive and compensatory experiences provided by people who care about them. Providing these positive experiences can also build resilience in children and teens. Mentors care about their mentees and provide positive experiences so we wanted to share this information about PACEs to reinforce your belief that the positive impact of a mentor can be extremely meaningful, especially if you are mentoring a student who may have a high ACE score. The research also indicates adults who had many PACEs in their childhood have fewer problems related to health and well-being even if they had a history of ACEs. Ending the School Year: As we wrap up the school year, remember these important items: End-of-the-year surveys are very important! The PAL+ team relies on this data to improve the program and keep mentees and mentors connected. If you plan to remain matched to your mentee, make sure over the next two weeks you let him or her know that you look forward to hearing about the summer when you meet again next year! Mentor Appreciation: The PAL+ team loved celebrating this year’s mentors at the mentor appreciation luncheon held on April 29th. This year’s selected mentors for the Mendy Stone Mentoring Awards were Carrigan Veach and Zach Dyer. Facebook Volunteers for Youth 1810 N Sioux Ave Claremore, OK 74017Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Unsubscribe

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