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Ways to Pay

The market managers booth will be accepting SNAP, the customers will then receive a “token” which can be used with vendors. This can only be used for food products. We also have a program called Double Up Oklahoma (DUO) this program allows us to match up to $20 of SNAP per customer per day for our customers to purchase produce. 


The Rogers County Farmers Market has been approved and will be accepting S.N.A.P (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). The market manager will have a machine to accept S.N.A.P. and will then give a token to the customer. After each market, the vendor will turn in the tokens with the market manager to be counted and cash will be given to the vendor at the next market. All vendors who have products in which customers can use S.N.A.P. must accept the S.N.A.P. token that will be given to the customer by the market manager, no cash can be given back to the customer, please round to the nearest dollar. Products that can be purchased with S.N.A.P. include any food items including honey, jams and syrups, fruits and vegetables, bread and cereals, meat, fish and poultry, dairy products and food-producing plants and seeds.

Double Up Oklahoma (DUO)

If you are a S.N.A.P. recipient you are eligible to receive DUO at the Rogers County Farmers Market. DUO is a program through Hunger Free Oklahoma that will match up to $20 of a S.N.A.P. transaction per week. How this works is a S.N.A.P. recipient will go to the market managers booth, use their S.N.A.P. card and then they will be asked if they are interested in receiving DUO, if they are they will receive a DUO token, these are silver and look different than the S.N.A.P. tokens. DUO tokens can only be used on fruits, vegetables and food baring plants and herbs.

Senior Farmers Market Nutritional Program (SFMNP)

The SFMNP is a program for seniors 65 and older, who fall in a certain income bracket. These seniors can apply for this at the market and they can receive $50 for May – October to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and honey at the farmers market.

Inclement Weather Policy

The Rogers County Farmers Market may be closed if severe weather is in the forecast for Claremore during market hours. Please stay tuned to local weather stations for severe weather information. We will post closings on Rogers County Farmers Market Facebook page as well as a text sent to all the vendors. A final decision concerning the closure of the market will be made by the Farmers Market managing entity. Vendors will not be permitted to set up their booths if the market has been closed.



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