PAL+ Mentoring Newsletter

First Match of 2022

         Ashley Rogers and her mentee spent their first meeting together sharing facts about themselves, putting together a puzzle of the United States, and playing a matching card game.

        Ashley and her mentee share a favorite color, blue. They also both enjoy Star Wars and playing with their dogs.

       Ashley’s mentee requested that he would “have someone to talk to” in a mentor.

Training Content 

Cheryl Step of Creating Resilience, LLC recently wrote an article for PACES Connection in regard to the relationship between a sense of belonging and safety. This is applicable information for the PAL+ mentors, who works constantly to provide safe, caring relationships for youth in Rogers County. Click here to read
The Interconnection of Safety and Belonging

Click here to read
The Interconnection of Safety and Belonging

Upcoming Events

Lunch & Learn on January 21st

As of January 10th, there are 5 youth waiting to be paired with a volunteer mentor. Three of the youth are male, ranging from 5th to 10th grade. One of the female youth waiting to be matched is in 3rd grade and the other female is in 6th grade. 

If there is someone you feel would be a great PAL+ mentor to one of our current waitlisted youth or a youth in the future, we would love to host them at our first lunch & learn of this year. At this event on January 21st, community members will have the opportunity to attend a no commitment luncheon and learn more about the PAL+ program. 

Please contact Roxanne at 918-899-4004 or if you would like to refer someone for this event! 

PAL Pod Survey

Be on the lookout for a survey coming your way via email! This will come from Cindy Wilson in regard to PAL Pods. PAL Pods are a built-in support system for mentors. 

You will have the opportunity to participate in a PAL Pod if you choose. 

…because they’re worth it! 

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