What Is a Mentor


Volunteer Category:

Commitment Time:
Minimum of nine-month commitment with one to four hours of contact per week.

Areas of Involvement:
Commitment to developing supportive relationship with one or more program participants (youth).


  • Sincere desire to be personally involved with a young person to help him or her achieve goals;
  • Ability to communicate with youth openly and in a nonjudgmental fashion;
  • Strong listening skills;
  • Ability to establish a relationship based on equal responsibility and respect;
  • Interest in needs and concerns of persons with internal and external barriers to success;
  • Practical problem-solving skills and ability to suggest options and alternatives;
  • Sensitivity to persons of different educational, economic, cultural or racial backgrounds.



  • Make a minimum nine-month commitment to developing and maintaining a mentor relationship with a young person;
  • Attend mentor orientation/training session before meeting mentee;
  • Attend ongoing mentor training and support sessions as able;
  • Meet with mentee on a weekly basis to establish the relationship and to support mentee in goals;
  • Assist mentee in solving school-related and other problems that interfere with menteeā€™s success at school or elsewhere;
  • Keep time logs and other information as requested by PAL Project Director.

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