Smokin’ Hot 100 Golf Marathon

A Day of Golf for a Lifetime of Change 

The Smokin’ Hot 100 Golf Marathon is a fundraising vehicle which allows Volunteers for Youth the ability to continue offering youth-serving programs in Rogers County.

One should not even think of this event as a golf tournament. Golf is just the vehicle that allows us to bring together folks with a heart for the work we’re doing. Money is raised because golfers and non-golfers alike can participate by self-sponsoring, seeking matching pledges, and playing lots of golf.

Typical self-pledges are $1.00 per hole. A golfer/fundraiser strives for 19 additional matching pledges resulting in a fundraising goal of $2,000 per participant. If a golfer is asking for your pledge, please say yes!

The 2019 event will be announced in April and held at Heritage Hills Golf Course in Claremore.  To be an event golfer or a pledge sponsor please email