Smokin’ Hot 100 Golf Marathon

2016 Date Set:  Tuesday, July 26th at Heritage Hills in Claremore

A Day of Golf for a Lifetime of Change 

The Smokin’ Hot 100 Golf Marathon is a fundraising vehicle which allows Volunteers for Youth the ability to continue offering youth-serving programs in Rogers County.

“One should not even think of this event as a golf tournament,” said Chris Butler, Volunteers for Youth’s Executive Director. “Golf is just the vehicle that allows us to bring together folks with a heart for the work we’re doing. Money is raised because golfers and non-golfers alike can participate by self-sponsoring, seeking matching pledges, and playing lots of golf,” he added.

Typical self-pledges are $1.00 per hole. A golfer/fundraiser strives for 19 additional matching pledges resulting in a fundraising goal of $2,000 per participant. If a golfer is asking for your pledge, please say yes!

The 2015 event was held last July at Heritage Hills Golf Course & more than $20,000 was raised.  Judi Mrasek was the top fundraiser for the 10th year in a row!  Thank you Judi and all our golfers & pledge participants!